Maximum Overdrive: The Party Edition

When I think of Maximum Overdrive, I think of watching the famed cult classic with other cult members under the condition of a movie party. After all, what’s a cult classic without audience participation? There are four major categories of discussion in regard to a Maximum Overdrive movie party.

  1. Beverages
  2. Costumes/Props
  3. Quotable lines
  4. Games


When discussing what beverages one should serve at the party, let’s not forget the classic soda death scene. Make sure you provide an array of these mixers, at least enough to suit a little league team. Green Apple Martinis are the perfect shade of radioactive comet tail, for that matter, so is absinthe…decide at your own discretion.

Root Beer Floats are also an excellent choice. First, empty half a can of root beer into Sundae glass. Next, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Finally, top off the remaining half of the float with vanilla vodka for a My-T Tas-T treat!

Costumes are an important part of any movie party. Fortunately, the most popular costume is as easy as a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Add a dishtowel and an earring, and you’re transformed into our infamous hero, Bill. Camp Loman’s blue Sunday suit is easy enough as well, and can be found in most 2nd hand stores. If you really can’t find one, or don’t know what else you could possibly use it for, (besides maybe a 1970s prom tux – see my future post regarding Prom Night) then just bring your handy bible along, props are always welcome.

maxodekeOr…are you more of a little leaguer? One of the most iconic costumes of the film is as easy as a white and red baseball tee complete with red ball cap; bring your facemask and dodge sodas from your friends!

In regard to quotable lines, it is important to know which lines are favorites for shouting out during the movie. In my previous posts, I discussed Stephen King’s infamous, “This machine just called me an asshole,” as well as, “uh-oh, nooo sodas.” However, it is important to note the titular quote. While trapped inside the truck stop, Bill and Brett share a personal moment in which she reveals her backstory story to him before saying, “That’s what I was doing before every machine in the world went into Maximum Overdrive.” (Hey! That’s the name of the movie! 😊) It is particularly important to shout the last two words, typically in a deep guttural voice.

Another delightfully wonderful line in the movie acts as a sort of refrain. Fed up with machines running amok, the waitress at the Dixie Boy truck stop cries out, “You Can’t! We Made You! We Made Yooouuu!!!” You will definitely lose your voice by the end of this quotable, make sure you have your beverage handy (That’s why they’re listed as no. 1).

One final line that must be mentioned comes from Yeardly Smith who plays Connie, a woman on her honeymoon with her husband Curtis, played by John Short. As the two are attacked by trucks on the side of the highway, Connie sees Curtis jump out of the way of an oncoming truck and tumble to the ground. She calls out, “Curtis? Are you dead?” In my mind, I can see Curtis jump up and respond in James Spader’s voice, “I’m fine, bitch. I’m fine.” Instead, he slowly dusts himself off and stumbles over to Connie with a sincerely goofy smile on face.


A great game to play while watching Maximum Overdrive (besides taking a drink at every classic line and death scene) is to challenge your friends to a bro-off. When Emilio and the truck start having beef with each other, call out a friend and chest bump each other as you each attempt to stand your ground. Eventually, one will have to submit and fetch the other one a new drink, just as Emilio is forced to fill the trucks tanks with gasoline.

That’s it! You’re all set for a Maximum Overdrive movie party, just remember to have fun and drink responsibly.


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